Come Holy Spirit This Christmas

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by Angela Errett

A prophetic short story that reveals a special moment in time for Aunt Maeve and her family during the Christmas season.

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Merry Christmas!


Chapter 1

Aunt Maeve’s House

The aroma of pine mixed with cinnamon and the fresh-baked smell of homemade sugar cookies filled the room. Maeve Boulier, seated in front of the oven window, waited for the last batch of sugary delights to come out of the oven. It’s been 3 long years since everyone was last together. In great anticipation, she finished up her pre-Christmas to-do-list: pumpkin and sweet potato pies, check; apple streusel, check; cranberry marmalade, check; peanut butter fudge, check; pecan tassies, check; ‘angeled’ eggs, check. And last on her list of things to do before guests started arriving, bake Aunt Maeve’s famous iced sugar cookies.

Aunt Maeve was an outspoken woman entrepreneur who didn’t take no for an answer. She started baking her now-famous cookies when she was only thirteen years old. She sold them at the Dime Store in the 1950s. She was able to get a national food company to buy her recipe and eventually made her CEO of Aunt Maeve’s Famous Iced Sugar Cookies division while raising her five children in the early 1960s with her husband, Tom Boulier. Tom is a retired Master Sergeant of the Marine Corps and an all-around godly man. The deal was so lucrative (over four million in the 1960s adjusted for inflation today would be around eight million dollars) that she willingly added a clause to the contract. Each year, the agreement stated that my designated proxy or myself will choose two employees from the Aunt Maeve’s Famous Iced Sugar Cookie Corporation and provide them with one-hundred thousand dollars each. She continues today to honor her contract and has added more employees along the way. She now blesses at least ten employees a year and regularly donates to the local food bank and homeless shelters.

Now in her 80’s, Maeve continues her busy daily schedule by rising at 5:30 a.m. each morning to read her Bible, then walk the path around the property when the weather permits, or go to her treadmill in front of the picture window for some exercise. She routinely sits in on monthly board meetings and makes it to the office at least 2 days a week; however, this year, that was not possible. Maeve improved her teleconferencing skills since she was forced to work from home and began a support group for the company. The weekly meetings turned a once dire situation of layoffs and struggles for many into a mentoring program for entrepreneurs. She has helped ten of her employees who were laid off start small businesses and help them thrive, despite the lockdowns.

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