A Walk Through the Spirit Realm

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A Personal Account – Joel Randolph, Author/Evangelist



A few years ago, I met a beautiful couple, Joel and Anita Randolph, at a friend’s annual gathering. Just from our brief conversations, I got a sense that there was way more to his story. He was a Holy Ghost filled evangelist that had seen a thing or two over the years. Story after story revealed he had a great call on his life for the Kingdom.

Joel had been told, on many occasions, that he needed to sit down and write a book detailing some of the amazing things the Lord was doing in his life. He got to the point that he said, “If one more person tells me to write a book Holy Spirit, I guess I have to.”

That voice came, and Joel proceeded to jot down just a few of the various events he has been witness to through the leading of the Holy Spirit. In early 2019, he completed a short memoir called “A Walk Through The Spirit Realm.”

Over his 38 plus years of ministry, he reveals how God has used him through the direction of the Holy Spirit. On one occasion, Joel and Anita, as they would often do without compensation, held a revival service in their local community. A man with terminal cancer arrived with an acquaintance of theirs, and Joel knew the Lord was going to do a work in him. At the altar call, Joel asked for anyone needing to be prayed over to come forward, and the gentleman did. He prayed over him, and nothing materialized. However, months later he ran into the man who was with him, and Joel inquired of his condition. His friend said the cancer was gone and he was healed! Praise God! 

Now a few years later the Lord told Joel and Anita to drive to Kane Ridge, Kentucky because “That same spirit of revival is still there waiting to be released again and you are to go there and release it back into the mountains.” They were obedient, completed their mission, and drove home to West Virginia. Soon after, the revival began in the Southern West Virginia coalfields. That revival turned into the statewide event called “Awaken the Dawn West Virginia.”

The book recounts some of Joel’s supernatural spiritual assignments. The sampling speaks volumes to what the Lord is doing in and through His people. If you would like to read more accounts you may contact Joel for a copy of his book or for speaking engagements–as the Lord leads.

Please provide name & address when ordering books. Send check or money order for $10 donation to cover costs to: 

Joel Randolph

3142 Stevens Run Road

Mount Claire, WV 26408

E-mail: joelrandolph@frontier.com

Facebook: JoelRandolph

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