Do We Really Believe…We Are In Christ?

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What does it mean to walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit? Those who believe in Christ Jesus are in Christ Jesus? Sounds like a bunch of gobblety-gook doesn’t it?

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
Romans 8:1 KJV

At first glance, you could read Romans 8:1 and think, okay, I believe in Christ, so I am fine with that. And some know that their ‘flesh’ is where help is needed…it is where we mess up. Then there is the Spirit. Okay, so something like a ghost right? Let’s break this one sentence down and see if we can show just a fraction of the information that is contained in twenty-three words.

There is, therefore…
With this phrase, we are drawn to a conclusion. The Apostle Paul, the likely author of the Book of Romans, explains to the reader that the road to salvation is through the life of Jesus Christ. The book of Romans is of great value to the Church because it deals with instructions on how to live a righteous life through Christ. Mid-way through the book he makes the statement in chapter 8 declaring that the conditions of a believer in Christ, from his perspective and what he has gone through, has been evaluated and the following text is what he found to be true.

Now is an easy word to define. It means NOW! It tells us at what point in time these conclusions made by Paul are occurring. That would be the moment you are in now!

No means not one thing and no one. A thing is a noun with no particular name. So, nothing that has a name can come against you when you are in Christ Jesus!

To some, this is a scary word. Reading it brings up fears and doubts and shame. We know it is a sentence of judgment, a penalty that is given for adverse behavior. It is also an offense that is worthy of punishment. Many can see their past flash across their mind when this word is read or spoken. Our conscience intuitively knows what is right and wrong and will judge those thoughts in a split-second causing emotion to rise up and condemn our own actions. But, it is also possible for someone to look at another’s bad behavior as being more evident and their own as a lesser offense and in turn places a judgment against them. However, in Matthew 7:2 it says whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you! You see, when you are in Christ, as the previous word ‘no’ says, no thing, not one thing, not even a thought of past digressions can come against you! Christ is our intercessor who took our place on the judgment seat.  We have to reflect on our own heart and make sure we are following the example of Christ. God is the only one who can judge because He knows the innermost secrets of everyone as well as the pureness of their hearts. He has ALL the information about a person, but you and I don’t. We may see a bad choice, a bad lifestyle, in others, and ourselves and so on, but only the Creator knows a man’s heart and what is truly in it.

To them…
You would think the word ‘them’ just means a bunch of people, but it means more in the Greek. It means, this, that, these, etc. When you dig a little deeper, you see that it also reveals the declaration “in all their inflections.” So what are inflections?
It can mean a change in pitch when speaking, but it also expresses a tense, mood, or tone. It can also show the tempo or emphasis of something.
Whatever station in life, whether just finding out about salvation through Christ Jesus or walking in Christ for years, whether your life is on a peak or you have walked into a valley, the truth of what Paul is stating applies. Cont. Reading…



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