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October-November 2020 Edition of Glory Magazine

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Covid 19 Statement from Glory Magazine

These are unprecedented times for our Nation. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every aspect of our lives, our health, and the local and global economy. We will be adjusting continually to adapt to the challenging times. Here are some of the ways we are moving forward.

  • We will continue online in digital format for free across all of our social platforms
  • We will be halting our print issue and distribution due to the Federal Guidelines and will reassess as we navigate this unique situation
  • We will continue offering our online newsletter subscription service for our digital platform on our website’s main page
  • We will suspend our ConnectionEvents page and online calendar until those services are viable again
  • We will begin providing more online content between issues on our website and on social media
  • We are committing ourselves to bring the ‘rightly timed word’ and relevant stories while staying on the path God has called us to go forth boldly on

How Can I Support Glory Magazine?

  • Purchase original merchandise at our web store:
  • Consider advertising in our digital issue or on our website
  • Consider giving a gift online

We are working diligently to adjust our strategies by increasing our digital presence during this unprecedented time and will remain true to our objective: Feeding the Children of God His Word.

Blessings and honor,

Angela Errett

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