Super Blood Moon Eclipse Coming Sunday 9/27/15

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This is no ordinary lunar eclipse. This moon has the honor of three names: supermoon, 4th blood moon, and Harvest Moon. It will be visible in parts of Europe and Africa and all across North and South America.

The moon is referred to a supermoon when it passes closest to the earth. It appears around 7% larger but is hard to detect by just looking at it. There have been 5 other supermoon lunar eclipses since 1910 and if you can’t find your way outside this Sunday, you won’t have a chance to view another one until 2033.

The moon holds special meaning in Judaism and is traditionally a signal to Israel. The sun is traditionally a signal to the world. Jewish historical events have taken place on or near past blood moon tetrads. For additional information on the blood moon tetrad see Pastor John Hagee’s 4 part series “The Coming Four Blood Moons.”

This moon is also called the Harvest Moon. A Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the fall equinox. The autumnal equinox occurred on Sept. 23rd.

Watchers on the East Coast will see the eclipse begin around 9:00 pm EDT and the full eclipse will be in full swing around 10:00 pm EDT. The eclipse should last about an hour. See links below for more info.

Starting at 8:00 pm will be providing a live feed to view the lunar eclipse.

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