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Creating Community & Spreading Positivity


GenerationNXT is a nonprofit religious organization founded in 2018 and based in West Virginia. Their mission is to provide a safe environment for kids to teach basic morals and principles. Through their clubs, they hope to equip and empower students and create a community, for students by students, that brings positivity into their daily life. 

Led by students, the NXT clubs meet during school hours. The clubs include 4th through 12th grades and meet once a week. There are also scheduled outings for clubs to participate in periodically. During the summer, they sponsored two “Hunger Games” events that included games, prizes, music, dinner and water games. They also sponsored two free admission movie nights.

Currently, they have GenerationNXT clubs in Belpre High School in Ohio, and 24 clubs across Cabel, Calhoun, Gilmer, Lincoln, Wirt, Wood counties, and recently added Lewis County High School. They have also spread across the globe and instituted a club in the Philippines.

GenerationNXT is creating young leaders one step at a time by generating opportunities for participants to find their gifting and expanding on it.

The process to start a club is straightforward: first, you need a student(s) that is willing to lead the club; second, recruit a teacher able to monitor the weekly meetings; and third, contact GenerationNXT. They will provide a curriculum that is easy to follow. 

Funded 100% by donations, GenerationNXT is committed to investing in the future through empowering students, and by offering a place of acceptance to every student of every walk of life.

There are three ways you can help GenerationNXT expand across the state: financially, through starting a club, and prayers.

See below on how to contact GenerationNXT, donate, or to start a club in your area.


Phone: (304) 966-0195  

Facebook: Generation_NXT

Instagram: generation.nxt



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