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Best-selling author, radio host, and inspirational speaker Dr. Michael T. George tells stories of ordinary people’s lives where they experience extraordinary events. These stories laced with heartaches, trials, and obstacles, also reveal hope, success, great love, and life-affirming change through God.

Michael grew up in a small town in West Virginia. At age 16 he wanted more out of his high school experience and decided to take a job and put himself through private school his junior and senior years. Michael yearned for even more knowledge and received his bachelor, masters, and doctorate in theology while attending seminary. And if that wasn’t extraordinary on its own, in his spare time he writes computer software. He also pastored a church in Pennsylvania for a few years.

After the 9/11 World Trade Center bombing, Michael gained a new perspective on life that led him to contemplate how he could positively influence others. America, he saw, had steered away from her core principles. Realizing there are significant details left out of the telling of our history, he resolved to focus on how the country was founded and uncover the acknowledgment of God in the nation’s foundational documents.

Michael was invited to speak at Ripley Baptist Temple in Ripley, WV, at the one-year anniversary of 9/11. For the occasion, he memorized all of Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech. He recited it in full to the diverse crowd and saw the impact Henry’s words had on the listeners.  Their reaction prompted him to consider the potential in using similar stories as a vehicle to share the Gospel.

“It turned out I was a much better storyteller than a preacher.”

“Looking at the history of our nation, we see so much in the foundation of our country where men earnestly believed in following God and, specifically, Jesus Christ. Look at the early prayer proclamations from 1776 up to the 1790s written by our founders. Not only do they state that we should publicly acknowledge the overruling providence of God but, they specifically say for us to rely on the merits of, and mediation of, Jesus Christ.

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