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2024 February – March Issue Out Now!

We are thrilled to announce that our February – March edition of Glory Magazine is now available! This issue is all about celebrating God’s love and reflecting on what love truly means. Whether you are looking for inspiration for Valentine’s Day or the Easter season, Glory Magazine has got you covered.

Be Willing To Do His Will – The Light Choice

By Angela Errett | We are at a crossroads in human history. Only a few moments in our existence have had the impact that the next year and the years to come will have on the lives of everything on Earth.

The Secret Place Kept By The Power Of God

By Angela Errett | Something is constantly vying for our attention. Whether external or internal, there is a myriad of distractions to keep us in chaos throughout our day. Why is that so? I contend it is so we will not focus on the gifts, talents, and abilities that God gave us to use on His behalf to overcome…

Love Prefers Others

By Jason Depoy | Although celebrating Valentine’s Day is fine, as Jesus’ followers, we must be diligent to not adopt the world’s definition of love.  That word has been watered down to mean just about anything.  We love ice cream, and we love…

A Loaded Question

By Bob Jacobus | Jesus often asked loaded questions. He did this to teach, preach, and provide eternal answers. After all, He was called teacher, went about preaching, and was called Messiah. Jesus is a master educator.

REVEALING God’s Glory | Make Room For Jesus

By Al Tucker | Happy New Year! By the time you read this, almost 10% of 2024 will already be in the rear-view mirror. I always enjoy each new year as I treat it as a time for new beginnings, a fresh start where I look for opportunities to grow and new challenges to explore. 

The Undoctrinated Witness

By Angela Errett | The two thieves on the cross had opposite natures. One did not see his own condemnation and repent. One did. | Thief on the Cross.

The Illusion Of Progress

By Angela Errett | The word progress gets thrown around a lot. We must progress in technology, biology, science, energy, politics, transportation, and even our religion. Ever wonder to whose desired destination we are progressing? 

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Jason DePoy | For unto YOU was born that day, in the city of David, a Saviour who will save, deliver, and preserve you. One that will keep you safe and rescue you from danger, suffering, and destruction.

REVEALING God’s Glory | Luke, Gabriel, and the Nativity

By Al Tucker | God’s Son had stepped out of heaven and was lying there as a helpless infant. What a birth announcement God orchestrated. Luke and the nativity

Forever God–Three In One: Eternal, Immortal, Invisible

By Bob Jacobus | There were three unseen qualities in the manger that first Christmas morning. The baby was an eternal being, a person with no beginning and no end.

Walking Dead: From Drugs to Evangelist

From gangs, drugs, and prison, how Carlos Reyes of Daybreak Ministries became a voice for Teen Challenge and on fire for the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Reyes to Speak at the 2023 Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge Banquet

2023 Christmas Issue Out Now!

It’s time to unwrap the gift of inspiration this holiday season! Our Christmas edition of the Glory Magazine is out now, and it’s packed with heartwarming stories about the birth of Christ. Reconnect with the reason for the season! 

To Be Continued…The Return of Messiah

By Angela Errett | Babylon Has Fallen | It has been said, “I come in the name of the Lord.” It has been said, “This way is right, or that way is right.” But who can speak on behalf of the Lord? Only those chosen by the Father can speak for His Son. 

REVEALING God’s Glory | Let Us Not Become Weary

By Al Tucker | The past year has been one of the more challenging years of Liva and my fifty-eight years of marriage. When you are blessed to live as long as we have, you are well aware it is a natural part of life to lose family members and dear friends along the way. However, since August 2022…

Red Sky

By Bob Jacobus | Jesus was being pressed by religious professionals about His behavior because it did not fit their narrative. In a brilliant move…Red Sky

REVEALING God’s Glory | The Five G’s | God’s Grace

by Al Tucker | As I have thought more about redeeming my allotted time, how I do that has taken on a greater sense of urgency. In earlier articles, I have written about my search for God’s purpose in my life and how I feel that revealing His Glory is one of His purposes for me. But I have learned that how we live our lives for Him is just as important as the works.

The Duel State of Liberty

By Angela Errett | What we edify through our liberty can bring us down one of two roads: narrow or wide. The more limited the path, the more it leads us closer to knowing the truth about the world, our part in it while we are alive, and how to operate in our trials and triumphs.

REVEALING God’s Glory | Continuation of The Five G’s

By Al Tucker | Is living a life of obedience or spiritual integrity easy? In today’s world, we face all sorts of cultural challenges, worries, temptations, hurts, fears, frustrations, etc., all of which bring opportunities to compromise ourselves. Our once cherished freedom and forms of religion are under attack to the worry of many believers.

Who Can Hide?

By Bob Jacobus | The scripture passage in Jeremiah 23:24 arrested me recently. Who can live and not be noticed by God? Who can do good or evil and not be noticed by God? Who is completely safe unless they hide in Christ? Who can help but…

REVEALING God’s Glory | Weathering Storms

by Al Tucker | It became clear to me God had an important message for us; specifically, He needs us to become desperately involved in carrying out His will for our lives. We only have to turn on the TV or open a newspaper to know how prevalent evil is. Paul would say evil not only exists, but it is flourishing in our time.

What is Truth? The Answer is…

by Angela Errett | Would you know the truth if you heard it? In chapter 18 of the Book of John, Truth is revealed. When we understand that our emotions and what we see in this world can lie to us, then our minds can come to realize, just as the Apostle Paul did, that Jesus Christ carried the Word of God and revealed truth for us to receive it and come into agreement with it.

An Easter Tapestry

By Bob Jacobus | A tapestry is a work of art woven into a fabric, often telling a story or recording an event. God, on purpose, wove a great tapestry depicting Easter using threads of history, prophecy, traditions, and royal promises…

Fear And Afraid: Two Very Different Human Experiences

by Bob Jacobus | Fear and afraid are two words that are used interchangeably in casual conversation and, by dictionary definition, considered matching counterparts. However, fear can have an entirely different meaning depending on the context and perspective of the speaker, transmitter, and receiver.

Happy Easter! From All of Us at Glory Magazine

By Angela Errett | For Christians, Easter Sunday is considered the holiest of Sundays. It is the appointed day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Paschal lamb who was slain for our transgressions on Good Friday and rose again on the Third Day.