The Door

by Angela Errett | What is a door? Anyone reading this knows that a door is a passageway from one space into another. It is a doorway, a gate, you must go through to get from one room to another or from the “outdoors” into the “indoors.” Everywhere you look, there are doors; front doors, back doors, side doors, attic doors. A door on your car. A door on the bus. A door on every building you pass on the street. 

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Laugh, And Let Laugh

As a self-proclaimed one-trick-pony, Gordon Douglas has made people laugh for decades. He recently visited Buckhannon, WV, for a fundraising event for the Central West Virginia Center for Pregnancy Care (CWVCPC) held at The Way of Holiness Church in March 2024.

2024 April-May Issue Out Now!

Stories of faith and testimonies of God’s glory and His ability to do the impossible will uplift your spirit. Dive into treasures of the field and mercy seat as you enjoy this special release.

Looking Beyond Talents

By Angela Errett | Many sermons and discussions about the Parable of the Talents, such as God giving us physical/spiritual talents to multiply or money, bring truth to light, but is there something else to consider about the parable?

God Specializes in The Impossible

By Jason DePoy | Imagine yourself watching your four-year-old daughter playing in the mud, but she is making bricks to help pay off debt to a kiln master…

The Treasure

By Angela Errett | A believer must decide if they want to go beyond just being saved and learn about the field where the treasure is stored.

Mercy Seat

By Bob Jacobus | Mercy Seat is a term that piques the spiritual interest that is innate in most humans; that is, it may excite you, spark interest in you, irritate you, annoy you, or make you angry.

REVEALING God’s Glory | Never Be Lacking In Zeal

By Al Tucker | Easter triggers such a renewal for me. When I think how much God loves me to have allowed His Son to be so brutally tortured and crucified for my sins, I am totally overwhelmed.

To Be Continued…The Return of Messiah

By Angela Errett | Babylon Has Fallen | It has been said, “I come in the name of the Lord.” It has been said, “This way is right, or that way is right.” But who can speak on behalf of the Lord? Only those chosen by the Father can speak for His Son. 

The Undoctrinated Witness

By Angela Errett | The two thieves on the cross had opposite natures. One did not see his own condemnation and repent. One did. | Thief on the Cross.

The Secret Place Kept By The Power Of God

By Angela Errett | Something is constantly vying for our attention. Whether external or internal, there is a myriad of distractions to keep us in chaos throughout our day. Why is that so? I contend it is so we will not focus on the gifts, talents, and abilities that God gave us to use on His behalf to overcome…