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Walking Dead: From Drugs to Evangelist

From gangs, drugs, and prison, how Carlos Reyes of Daybreak Ministries became a voice for Teen Challenge and on fire for the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Reyes to Speak at the 2023 Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge Banquet

The Illusion Of Progress

By Angela Errett | The word progress gets thrown around a lot. We must progress in technology, biology, science, energy, politics, transportation, and even our religion. Ever wonder to whose desired destination we are progressing? 

To Be Continued…The Return of Messiah

By Angela Errett | Babylon Has Fallen | It has been said, “I come in the name of the Lord.” It has been said, “This way is right, or that way is right.” But who can speak on behalf of the Lord? Only those chosen by the Father can speak for His Son. 

REVEALING God’s Glory | Let Us Not Become Weary

By Al Tucker | The past year has been one of the more challenging years of Liva and my fifty-eight years of marriage. When you are blessed to live as long as we have, you are well aware it is a natural part of life to lose family members and dear friends along the way. However, since August 2022…

Red Sky

By Bob Jacobus | Jesus was being pressed by religious professionals about His behavior because it did not fit their narrative. In a brilliant move…Red Sky

The Duel State of Liberty

By Angela Errett | What we edify through our liberty can bring us down one of two roads: narrow or wide. The more limited the path, the more it leads us closer to knowing the truth about the world, our part in it while we are alive, and how to operate in our trials and triumphs.

REVEALING God’s Glory | The Five G’s | God’s Grace

by Al Tucker | As I have thought more about redeeming my allotted time, how I do that has taken on a greater sense of urgency. In earlier articles, I have written about my search for God’s purpose in my life and how I feel that revealing His Glory is one of His purposes for me. But I have learned that how we live our lives for Him is just as important as the works.

REVEALING God’s Glory | Continuation of The Five G’s

By Al Tucker | Is living a life of obedience or spiritual integrity easy? In today’s world, we face all sorts of cultural challenges, worries, temptations, hurts, fears, frustrations, etc., all of which bring opportunities to compromise ourselves. Our once cherished freedom and forms of religion are under attack to the worry of many believers.

Who Can Hide?

By Bob Jacobus | The scripture passage in Jeremiah 23:24 arrested me recently. Who can live and not be noticed by God? Who can do good or evil and not be noticed by God? Who is completely safe unless they hide in Christ? Who can help but…

REVEALING God’s Glory | Weathering Storms

by Al Tucker | It became clear to me God had an important message for us; specifically, He needs us to become desperately involved in carrying out His will for our lives. We only have to turn on the TV or open a newspaper to know how prevalent evil is. Paul would say evil not only exists, but it is flourishing in our time.

What is Truth? The Answer is…

by Angela Errett | Would you know the truth if you heard it? In chapter 18 of the Book of John, Truth is revealed. When we understand that our emotions and what we see in this world can lie to us, then our minds can come to realize, just as the Apostle Paul did, that Jesus Christ carried the Word of God and revealed truth for us to receive it and come into agreement with it.

An Easter Tapestry

By Bob Jacobus | A tapestry is a work of art woven into a fabric, often telling a story or recording an event. God, on purpose, wove a great tapestry depicting Easter using threads of history, prophecy, traditions, and royal promises…

Fear And Afraid: Two Very Different Human Experiences

by Bob Jacobus | Fear and afraid are two words that are used interchangeably in casual conversation and, by dictionary definition, considered matching counterparts. However, fear can have an entirely different meaning depending on the context and perspective of the speaker, transmitter, and receiver.

Happy Easter! From All of Us at Glory Magazine

By Angela Errett | For Christians, Easter Sunday is considered the holiest of Sundays. It is the appointed day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Paschal lamb who was slain for our transgressions on Good Friday and rose again on the Third Day.

Bread of Life: Knowing Your Provider

By Angela Errett | The story of Christ feeding the five thousand with five loaves and two fish, being the only miracle recorded in all four gospels*, should signal all who follow Christ to pay attention to it and live by it.

Kingdom Marriage: The Wedding Feast Approaches

By Angela Errett | If you are risen with Christ, seek those things which are above. Christ, the anointed, resides in this position, on the right hand of God, in a place of honor and authority. We are to set our affection on the higher knowledge of God’s Kingdom.

What You Have Faith In

by Angela Errett | My studies have made me realize that when reading the Bible, there is an opportunity to view it from multiple dimensions. Reading the Bible in a year is a great occasion…

Immortal, Invisible, Except…

by Bob Jacobus | How does one begin to describe God? Immortal is a good place to start–no beginning and no end.

Have This Mind

by Angela Errett | We are to bring our thoughts into captivity, casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God

REVEALING God’s Glory | Turning 80 with a ‘wonky’ heart

by Al Tucker | Glory Magazine | I celebrated my 80th birthday on August 31, 2022. Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought my best birthday gift turning 80 would be learning that my physical heart was ‘wonky.’ UPDATE: ‘Help Us Help Kids” calendar fundraiser

The Designer’s Christmas

by Bob Jacobus | The Designer’s Christmas | The first Christmas party, after becoming a committed believer, has had lasting impacts. The food, the decorations, the friendly people, and the common ground that united us filled my heart with joy and great gladness. The work and resources the host and hostess invested in the celebration still bear fruit today.

Where Are We?

By Angela Errett | As I was in prayer, God led me to a scripture in the book of Daniel. As I read it, a movie played in my mind, and all the words began to jump off the page. “This is where we are,” I thought. Each word made sense. How incredible is it that the words written by the prophet Daniel…

Ephesus: A Church Found Wanting

by Angela Errett | Ephesus: A Church Found Wanting | Let’s start a journey on an old Roman road. This road was a major Roman mail route located in ancient Asia Minor–in modern-day Turkey–and part of the eastern regions of the world known as the Orient.

All Honor Is His

by Angela Errett | All Honor Is His | Those who regularly read this magazine know that each issue is unique. No one confers with the other, solely relying on the Spirit to lead and guide us to what He would have us say.

REVEALING God’s Glory | The Perfect Gift

by Al Tucker | When you read this Revealing God’s Glory article, we will be in the Advent Season, awaiting Christmas, the day we celebrate when God sent His perfect gift, Jesus, into this world. Before being saved, if you asked me what my most perfect or memorable gift was, I would tell you…

Get Out Of Egypt This Christmas: Enjoy The Blessing

by Angela Errett | Personal journeys are only ever understood years later and after a significant reflection occurs. And even then, revelation may not come. This is a story about realizing how on a day-to-day basis, each one of us could be unknowingly choosing to remain where it is comfortable…

The Chosen Season 3 Coming November

The new trailer for season three of The Chosen, featuring episodes one and two, was released today, October 17, 2022, at noon on YouTube. The “Come and See” phenomenon has seen great success over the past few years in its unique Angel Studios app platform.