Paschal Lamb of Easter

by Angela Errett | Have you ever heard of the Paschal lamb? In the Jewish religion, the Paschal lamb, also called the Passover lamb, is ritually sacrificed in observance of Jewish law on the evening of the Passover. The Jews were instructed by God to sacrifice an unblemished lamb and place its blood on the doorposts so the striking of the Lord would “passover”…

The Land of Nod – Cain and Abel

by Angela Errett | I recently woke from a dream that impacted me deeply. This particular vision was like a vintage silent movie skipping along on an old rickety film reel with scratches dashing across the screen as it played. It reminded me of the Land of Nod. The backdrop was deep brown with black undertones; however, the subject matter could not be mistaken… Story of Cain and Able

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