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(l-r) The Click Family is Alexis, Jaden, Linda, Jason, and Anthony Click 

By: Click Family Ministry

Jason and Linda Click and their three children, who reside at Quiet Dell, West Virginia, just south of Clarksburg, make up the Christian band, The Click Family. They minister in music at churches and various events to include concerts, conferences, revivals, camp meetings, and youth camps. They play at events of all sizes. The Click Family pulls a cargo trailer on the back of their SUV to haul all of their musical instruments and sound equipment, as all of their music is live.

Jason has played drums since he was ten years old, starting out in the school band in Point Pleasant, WV. Linda has played a variety of instruments, including the keyboard and guitars, since her youth. Although she has never had a music lesson, her Mother, while pregnant with Linda, prayed that God would bless her with musical ability, and God did just that! Jason and Linda met at Glenville State College in 1991 and teamed up their talents and passion for ministry and music. Since then, they have played in multiple states.

Upon a prompting from God, Jason and Linda involved their three children in their music ministry about five years ago. All three children have red hair and are a hit everywhere they minister! Anthony is 16 years old and plays the electric and acoustic bass guitars, and drums. Alexis, who is 15 years old, plays the keyboard and electric guitar, and she sings. Jaden is the band’s 13-year-old saxophone player, but you would never know by the sound he makes that he’s only 13. Jaden also plays keyboard and trumpet, and he sings. God has truly anointed and gifted these children.

What sets The Click Family apart from a lot of other Christian groups is that they can perform a variety of Christian music styles, to include contemporary, praise and worship, southern gospel, bluegrass, old hymns, and spiritual choruses. They cater the style of music to the particular church/event and audience to which they minister. Also, God has anointed Linda to preach, so some churches ask The Click Family to conduct the entire service including praise and worship, special songs, and preaching.

Mission Accomplished: “The Harvest Reaped”

“If we’re invited, we’ll go” has been one of the mottos of the Click Family Ministry. But this perspective took on a whole new meaning when Click Family Ministry received an invitation to travel half-way around the world, thousands of miles away from their home to a place called Kenya, Africa, to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Click Family Ministry includes Jason and Linda Click and their three children: Anthony, Alexis, and Jaden. Linda is a licensed minister ordained by the United Christian Church and Ministerial Association in Cleveland, Tennessee. Based out of the Clarksburg, West Virginia, area, Click Family Ministry has evangelized in several states. They have often said they will go to any state; big or small churches; to any event; or to any denomination. It makes no difference. They’ll travel anywhere there is an open door allowing them to minister about Jesus Christ because that’s the mandate – “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

In July of 2016, Click Family Ministry responded to an invitation to minister in Kenya, Africa. The entire family took the trip and ministered for nearly a month at various locations throughout Kenya including Nairobi, Kuria, and the Nyarombo Village in Migori County. They ministered at churches (including a mud hut church), a bible college facility, revivals, crusades, and a school. The Click Family Band had the privilege of leading the Kenyan people in praise and worship to bring glory and honor to God. They ministered three services a day on a lot of days.

At the Nyarombo Village, many Kenyans who attended the services walked by foot more than seven miles one way, while others walked even longer distances. The church did not have electricity but was instead ran by a generator. There were only two lightbulbs in the church, so at night it was only partially lit. The block church would comfortably hold around 600 people. During the Friday and Saturday services, they counted and estimated nearly 800 people crammed into the church. The two aisles were packed full, people were curiously gazing through the windows and standing along the outside of the doors, and children were sitting on the concrete floor all the way up to and on the stage.

Linda delivered the Word of God with a powerful anointing, presenting accounts from the Bible with such intricate detail that brought the stories to life and penetrated the hearts of the people. The anointing was so heavy in some of the services that those in attendance sometimes rushed to the altars before she had finished preaching. People kneeled on the concrete floors with their hands raised, calling out to God. Heaven was full of rejoicing over all the souls that were saved in the meetings!


Linda was particularly touched by two young men who were saved. One was a 12-year-old boy who promptly answered the altar call, came forward, and knelt on the hard concrete floor with his hands raised high. He was the son of a local pastor. And the other was a young, well-spoken college student who finally heeded Linda’s last call for salvation. Sadly, his father had died a week before. Linda found, after asking his name, that his parents named him after the Bishop who presided over and had invited her to the church.

Photo: Click Family Ministry

Ironically, others who made a quality decision to accept Jesus included church keyboardists and choir members. Linda had been prompted by the Holy Ghost to let them know that they may attend church every Sunday, sing in the choir, feed the poor, or be a good person, but that was no indication of salvation. She declared the Word of God that we must believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for our sins, and we must confess that He is Lord! And this truth brought salvation to many people!

Not only was there a reaping of souls for the harvest, but people were filled with the Holy Ghost and began speaking in other tongues. And many people boldly came up for prayer for healing and finances. While ministering in Kenya, Click Family Ministry gave out Bibles in the English, Swahili, and Luo languages to everyone who was saved in the meetings and other people who needed a Bible. Since returning to America, the Ministry continues to receive emails with praise reports from the meetings. People also continue to express their sincere gratitude for being given Bibles. Click Family Ministry is continuing, even after the trip, to supply Bibles to Kenya where there is a need.

For the past year, Linda has prayed that the Lord would send her where the harvest is truly ripe and plenteous. The invitation to Kenya was an answer and fulfillment of that prayer. It is a reminder that God uses vessels that are willing to go wherever He sends them without limitations.

Click Family Ministry took a lot of musical equipment to Kenya and bought other equipment upon arrival there. At the conclusion of the services, Click Family Ministry blessed some of the churches by leaving behind equipment to include a full drum set, two keyboards with stands and accessories, an amplifier, microphones, microphone stands, and other items. The equipment they generously gave is tools that their Kenyan brothers and sisters can use to enhance their services and usher the presence of Jehovah God into their midst.

Photo: Click Family Ministry

While the trip had many great successes, Click Family Ministry experienced a number of challenges. They included: several family members had negative reactions to the malaria medicine (used to prevent contracting malaria); their mixer board blew up, with flames and smoke rolling out; they had to take cold showers at some locations; were sometimes without electricity; and more. On one occasion, their family of five and four other adults (total of nine) were crammed into a very small compact car with musical instruments. Not used to this kind of situation, their entire family was laughing hysterically (causing some embarrassment to themselves!) as they were all wrapped around each other in layers! But every challenge multiplied exponentially could not compare to God’s grace, mercy, and love that was manifested in the meetings.

Friends and family wondered why the Click family would attempt such a challenging journey with their three children that posed safety risks and required such personal sacrifice. It is because of their personal conviction to reach the world with the message of Jesus, their passion for seeing people yanked out of the jaws of hell, and their desire to spread the love of Jesus Christ to people of all nations, tongues, kindreds, and tribes. Click Family Ministry believes the mission that was accomplished in Kenya will impact the people for years to come. They know it has changed their lives forever.

The saints of God must never lose their desire to reap the harvest and advance the Kingdom at any cost. The harvest truly is plenteous.

For more on Click Family Ministry and their anointed preaching and live praise and worship contact them at http://www.clickfamilyministry.com/home.html


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