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God often responds to human beliefs and behavior with a question. Ample narratives in both the Old Testament and New Testament support this truth. Today, with all the double talk, blaming the victim, and governmental inconsistencies, God’s most used question is one simple word… Really?

One might remember telling his or her mom a big story about how the sugar bowl got empty, and she would respond with a raised eyebrow and ask the question…reeeally? She knew, and He knows.

Worldview is a fascinating concept. It is a singular/plural word that defines specific and distinct beliefs and comprehensive beliefs or the total composite worldview of all the little worldviews. The fused worldview can be different from one person to the next, and it is one’s sense of reality by which to live. In literature, there are many references to worldviews; even books have been written on the subject. One thing that they have in common is they are all from a human perspective. Consider this outlandish proposition: God has a World View too. Really, Actually, Truly, Certainly, Indeed, and Categorically, God has a grip on reality.

Man’s worldview of the Earth and environment can be based on one of three ideas. The Earth and all the environmental systems were created by an intelligent creator. Secondly, the Earth sort of created itself and all its environmental systems, which, in time, created more systems. Thirdly, physical and biological reality happened by chance. God’s World View is “I created the Earth, all its environmental systems, and additionally, the entire physical universe as men have come to know it.”

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

Romans 1:20 (NIV)

If this is true, then God can behave towards the Earth and men pretty much any way He chooses. People who do not believe in the Creator Entity pretty much behave in any way they choose towards other people and the world. Humans have an enormous problem because they were created by God, but if they do not believe in God, then nature steps in to fill the creative void. God’s World View of this is “men who reject God’s sovereignty have a nature of depravity.” In addition, God’s World View of “federal headship” stipulates that whatever a parent chooses, the outcomes of that choice will be inherited by the children. In the Bible narrative, Adam and Eve rejected the authority of God and became depraved. All their children afterward received the consequence. Do you not see it in Cain’s terminal treatment of his brother Abel? Brothers in mankind have been killing each other ever since, not only with rocks, swords, and guns but with words and attitudes of hate.

Oh, the pertinent question here is, “Where are you?” (See Genesis 3:9)

“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

Hebrews 4:13 (NIV)
world view, really?


Double talk can be synonymous with a double walk (behavior) or two-tier. I can’t help thinking about a prominent world leader’s big campaign slogan, “Pay their fair share,” in reference to high-income persons paying taxes. After he won the election, it became clear a close relative had evaded taxes to the tune of over one million dollars. Also, for some reason, the process of law stalled, and the statute of limitations came into play. The tax skipper was freed for that debt. The high official was also a big champion of gun legislation; however, the relative in question violated a gun law, and the legal opera, as in soap opera, has a tune of its own. Really?

One former Chief is facing trial for taking classified documents home after a completed term, and a former sub-chief who did the same thing is now considered too old and frail to stand trial. Besides, he is simply well-meaning. The thing is, the former sub-chief is now Chief and is facing the former Chief in an election for Chief. Really?

Terrorists attacked civilians in Israel, even children. While Israel went after the extremists, the extremist used their own blood relatives, even children, as human shields. Now, many in the world embrace a different view, one that blames Israel for killing civilians, even children, without provocation. Never mind the pictures of Israelites being beheaded and their children also. Really?

A nation pledges support to Israel with funds to purchase defensive weapons, but their leader stops all shipments of arms and ammunition. Really?

The national border is closed, and often, 10,000 non-residents cross every day. The government is flying even more in from foreign countries under the cover of darkness. The border is closed! Really?

A boy who identifies as a girl can have all the privileges of a girl, compete in sports, be awarded girls’ scholarships, and use the girls’ dressing rooms. At the same time, girls are using the facility. A boy and a girl tie for a trophy in a girl’s event, and the judges give the trophy to the boy because he is a boy in a girl’s event. Really?

A veteran intervenes to protect innocents on a subway by subduing a man threatening physical harm. The man expires during the event, and the veteran is being charged with murder. To the untrained eye, it appeared that the man was being held in a chokehold; however, an expert eye could see it was the hold taught by professionals for such situations. The veteran is in jail, but one or more of the border crossers, not limited to those who have committed multiple crimes, are released in just a few hours. Some have committed murder after their release. Modern migrants and natural residents have shot and killed policemen and have been released. Really?

The leader wanted to forgive student loans and made that a campaign promise. He tries to circumvent the governing assembly with an executive order to do so; however, the high judicial body strikes the action down. The leader employs a different tactic by stretching sanctioned programs to bypass the oversight of the governing legislature. The student debtors benefit at the expense of people who did not go to college and others who did but repaid their loans. The elected leader did his own thing without the mandate of the people he serves calling it student loan forgiveness. Really?

There are many more instances in today’s world that are completely absurd to common sense and righteousness. These lies tend to wear one down to the point of not caring. In nature, there is a condition called displacement behavior. A wolf attacks a deer and her fawn. The doe escapes, but the fawn is trapped. Displacement behavior is when the doe calmly feeds on the grass while watching the wolf devour her fawn. We are in a time when it is easy to space out because the silliness doesn’t seem to end. God is subtly acting on behalf of individuals while not bringing a mass correction; however, He is still asking the question, Really? This is so that people have another day to repent and find faith before He physically returns. Let your faith be not displaced. Stay focused!

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.”

1 Timothy 4:1 (NIV)

It is indeed a time of upheaval and a time when one must be careful about what one hears, speaks, and believes. At some point, the God of Heaven, the Grand Creator of all the Earth, will answer the question “Really?” with a lion’s roar that says, “Enough!” Remember, this same God is your salvation. Trust and do not be afraid, for His well of salvation never becomes dry.

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