Editor’s Letter: Be Ye Bringers of Light

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2020 is proving to be a new dimension in human existence. It’s as if we are standing on the beach as the sand begins to drain between our toes. Another wave of events unfolds. Back and forth, it goes. Up over our toes, then back out to the sea of unknowns. 

With our stationery position on the seashore, all we can do is look out to the endless horizon and pray the tide does not rise before we can move from these current events. The ebb and flow wash over us as we question our beliefs, our man-made systems, our neighbors, our families, whose voice is telling the truth, who is trying to control, and so on. All the world is being pushed by the tides of change into new territories. The world is experiencing the transition from one existence to another, whether they believe in God or not. 

Imagine you are standing there on the edge of the water, looking out into infinity. You can see the bright sun dancing across the water and the deep blue above contrasts with the scattering of fluffy white clouds rising upward as the sky touches the sea as if it is one. The salty breeze caresses your face, and you take a deep breath then exhale. You know you are alive and a part of this world. Every piece of you senses the environment, the air, the water, the sand, the sound of the waves washing in. The longer you stand on the shore, the deeper your feet descend below the grains of broken up shells and weathered rocks. It is peaceful.

Now imagine standing on the edge of the ocean. You look out and see the hot sun beating down across the water just knowing you’ll get a sunburn. You can see where the sky touches the water and are scared to even make it past two-feet deep, expecting a creature from the depths to brush up against your legs or worse. You only feel the wind spattering sand against your cheek and can’t stop reliving the last time you were at the beach and got windburn and sunburn and had to reapply sunscreen with granules of sand mixed in. You feel icky and don’t want to be standing in the shallows right now with no peace at all.

This analogy is to bring you to a position in your thought life that reveals the difference between thinking Godly thoughts versus worldly thoughts. God wants His children to get into a place of peace that relies on Christ’s strength to sustain them as the water moves in and moves out. With each wave, a little more of the world, the negative thoughts, and false beliefs are washed out into the abyss, if we stand firm in His commandments. As our feet will inevitably sink deeper and deeper in the shifting sands, we must do this. Children of Light, know that the rock of our salvation, the keeper of the brethren, El Shaddai, the Lord God Almighty, will raise up the solid firmament below our feet, and stand with us before the tide reaches its apex. He is our hope as the flood prepares to retreat for a moment and then be commanded to envelop the world. 

Concentrate on the right things, seek the solid ground of Christ, and place all hope in His finished works. Selah

Blessings and honor,
Angela Errett

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