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Editor’s Letter | Even in bleak times, there is hope, and hope comes through faith in the promises of God. God gave His only Son so we could receive it and walk in abundance through our journey. However, if we never flex a muscle, it becomes lame. Faith is a muscle that gains its strength through a relationship with Jesus. Each time we believe what the Word says over what the world says, we flex our “faith muscle.” And God will only meet you at your level of faith in His abilities. 

Return Unto Me: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

by Angela Errett | I believe that when God sent you to earth for His purpose, He gave you a piece of His heart. Think of it this way, when someone leaves for a long journey to serve in an army, we will say, “They took a piece of my heart with them.” Same thing! What would happen if your son, daughter, or spouse didn’t want to talk to you while serving? They never call, never write, and you are never a thought that crosses their mind. Or do they only call you on your birthday, a holiday…

The Door

by Angela Errett | What is a door? Anyone reading this knows that a door is a passageway from one space into another. It is a doorway, a gate, you must go through to get from one room to another or from the “outdoors” into the “indoors.” Everywhere you look, there are doors; front doors, back doors, side doors, attic doors. A door on your car. A door on the bus. A door on every building you pass on the street. 

The Narrow Way

by Angela Errett | What will the world look like when God is no longer present? When His hand of mercy is removed for the judgment of the wicked? I do not think even the godless people of the world can fathom the amount of darkness that will prevail when that time comes. Hollywood pumps out scenarios with black-hearted agendas and manifestos, yet, we have never lived in a time when some form of God’s grace was not present. 

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