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Ever get so caught up in trying to do the ‘big things’ in life that the smaller things we deem less ‘important’ take over? For example, you work hard and get to a point where you can afford some extra luxuries in life, but you still can’t seem to get ahead, or you still are unable to pay off that latest medical bill? I know everyone can relate to this scenario in some fashion in whatever stage in your life you are.

There are a couple of things I’ve learned that I would like to share briefly. One, there comes a time in your life when you have to decide to live with honor, and two, are you willing to sow for a harvest? The younger you are when you employ these lessons, the better set for a great future you will be. Unfortunately, this kind of teaching is absent in today’s culture because the world considers it foolish instead of what it is, a Kingdom of Heaven way of life.

Let’s start with honor. You must first honor God. He is the Creator of all things, and without honoring Him through acknowledging Jesus Christ as Savior, and through discipleship and tithing, you cut yourself off from His blessings. Lack of that honor will hinder the ’windows of heaven’ opening up in all areas of your life, spiritually, personally, professionally, and financially. 

Now let’s talk about sowing for a harvest. You must honor God with the tithe. (See Malachi 3:10-11) Your tithe sows into God’s Kingdom. The action of tithing reflects the honor you have for Him. God makes a promise that the harvest from your sowing will be more than you can imagine! I want to point out that He ‘rebukes the devourer’ so you will receive your fruit! To get fruit, you must sow good seed, in good ground–see Luke chapter 8–that grows over time, then produces in your life at its appointed time. When you honor God, He protects what you sow and guarantees a bountiful harvest! We must have patience and wait. 

Here is an example of how Abram honored God by sowing his tithe. After Abram won the battle to take back his kinsman Lot, he refused to allow his wicked neighbor to give him any goods but only the portion his men ate because God was with them for victory. His honor for God would not allow him to accept the spoils and have the unrighteous believe that they had made him rich instead of God. (See Genesis 14)

The little things you do, each day, can either be sown for a ‘God is with you’ harvest, or ‘your enemy gave it to you’ harvest. The word of God is the seed, and we should allow Him to create in us a clean heart, good ground, for an abundant harvest. But, if you have been sowing for a harvest that will be snatched away by the devourer, by not changing your heart to follow and honor Him, you need to make a quality decision to repent and start living God’s way. It truly is the ‘little things’ that can make all the difference!

Blessings and honor,

Angela Errett


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