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Another year in the books feels like two years have melded into about six months. The chronicle of time has become but a vapor. Our lives have either been containers for good or not. I write these letters after the issue content is set, and I am amazed at the coordination that occurs with each one. Bob, Al, and I do not discuss what will be written other than if a theme is pressing, like a Christmas issue. However, this year, we all were under tremendous stress to complete our stories, not knowing what the other was to put in black and white.

We all want to live a blessed life, vainly working out our time here, yet, as you read the pages of the magazine, you will find that we are participants on a glorious stage and we have been given a choice to either see good or see bad as our way of life, no matter the issues we face. Christ died so that all may withstand the journey because He knew the cost. Since God wanted life for His children, the price must be paid in not only water but blood. The sacrifice required for the World’s sin was death, and only Christ Jesus could make the payment: Skin for skin, flesh for flesh. Heaven emptied itself into Jesus, all was given, so that the shame of sin would be vanquished and the world the Lord loved would be balanced once again.

We cannot know the expanse of God to the fullest, for He is unsearchable, but we can invite the child of God, the Christ, who was born with the sole purpose to die for us into our hearts and receive the Comforter–the Holy Spirit. If we are to be one in Christ, we know that no matter what is pressed against His body–that being believers now–we must remain in His presence, in His Peace, which He left for us.

During Christmas, the atmosphere changes, offenses are forgiven, needs are met by others, and a giving heart seems to settle on most. I wonder if the change is from people, without them knowing, participating in a limited “one accord moment” orchestrated by the Holy Spirit? We cannot make others feel “The Christmas Spirit,” yet we all feel it. Right?

Many want to force through what the Lord would have for His people without recognizing HE has ALL the control. Maybe we should take a moment this Christmas and just sit and see what the Lord will do. Sure, we can’t sit on our laurels–as they say–we must participate on the stage, but we are often stagehands moving the sets into place without noticing the “Good Play” has already been written for us. We must be willing to seek out the pages with our parts on them. We must trust in the Lord and that all will work out for His good.

May the Spirit of Christmas wash over you. May it cover your families, neighbors, towns, cities, and nations, as the only One who could bring such Peace is celebrated, honored, and given His place as the King of your hearts, King of kings, and Lord of all.

All to His Glory!

Blessings and honor,

Angela Errett

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