A Walk in the Garden

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I was as light as a feather…

As the Father called me toward him, in His brilliant raiment of white and shining gold, there were no worries, no restraints. I was choosing the more needful thing. As He calls, He speaks my name in a low whisper. “I do a new thing.” The blue sky dances around him in obedience and reverence.

“Allow me to awaken the seed inside,” He says. “Dream of a place where all is possible, and there you will be.”

“All has been forgiven so that none should perish–I call whom I call, and those remaining in inequity have done so since the beginning of time. Choose you this day, and it shall be done–either life or death. The world is Mine and has fulfilled its obligation to hold back destruction. There is still much to do, and my time has not come, but soon. 

“The Church is being deceived by the great deceiver. This will all come to pass. Most will leave me. The sun still shines, and the wind still blows, but too all come a day of shaking. Rod nor real, fish nor foe will escape my net. I will bring in my cast and release the others to their fate. 

“When the day shines exceedingly bright, you will know I come. I come for the broken, the vessels of my making, formed by my hands. They allowed me to fill them and remove the old wine with fresh water. A water so pure and sweet that it is the bridegroom’s legacy. Men call it the better wine for they know no other wine that is so sweet. 

“When the mountains begin to crumble, I’ll tarry just a while, but then the great and terrible day of the Lord will be revealed. Surely, I tell you, I am coming again. In all My glory! 

“Desolation is the calling card of the evil one. Chaos is where he thrives. Focus…focus on meeting with me in the Garden of your Heart…everyday. When the planet moves into chaos, I will be the North, bright shining star, to keep you on the path of the righteous who will stand before Me in glory!

“Do I not tell Truth alway? I can not do otherwise, or I would not be with the Father.

“Let me lead you, guide you, through the Holy Spirit. When the day comes, the Spirit will be the only Truth that can save. Behold, I do a new thing. Only a Living God can continually speak a Word. Dead, false gods bring ideas that remain idols but have no life in them! My Word IS life! Believe on what I say, and you shall live!

“Wicked are those in high places who seek to destroy my Word. Woe, woe, all you legislating wickedness! You shall reap a harvest of unimaginable evil upon yourselves. I long to have you return to Truth, but you refuse My counsel and go the way of your thoughts, not Mine. Mine is only to love and save; yours is power, control, and all matter of wickedness. 

“Call forth the heavenly angels who will to do My works. Give assignment to them for your own sake. Seek counsel with Me in the secret place and turn loose the power residing in you. Harken to My voice and obey for it shall save you. When death lies at the door, do not open it for it is not of my making. I bring only Truth and Light. Discern the wickedness and walk away, untouched, as Lot did. 

“Great and powerful forces are nothing in the presence of the Lord! He is, above all! There is none other!

“I long to walk with My people, in the Garden, embracing each with the Love I have for them. Not what they think they deserve on account of their behavior; but with a Love a father has for the child. A treasure has been buried beneath the soil of your heart that only I can see, no matter what the field looks like. Pray, break bread with Me; covenant with Me. Keep Me close in these final hours and allow My Holy Spirit to reside within the temple of your body, so as to keep you safe. Honor the King. He is the one who ever makes petition on His behalf for you. His everlasting Light will never fail to outshine all you have done and be counted righteousness to the Father. He stands at the entryway of your field looking out over the tares, waiting to remove them and bring in His good and right harvest!”

Blessings to all reading this, and may your hearts open wide for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to return for His glorious Bride! AMEN!

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