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Where has the time gone? It seems each year goes by faster and faster, just like the newness of our latest technology gadgets. But each passing moment allows us another chance at doing better, being better, and being closer to our Maker. Each day enables us to consider what is right in His sight and what we should let go. By listening to that still small voice, our help comes. With all the chaos in the world right now, we are going to need The Helper to make it through.

A few days before sitting down to write my usual letter, the Holy Spirit overcame me, and I immediately grabbed my notebook. The feeling of longing, as a groom begins down the aisle towards his bride, filled my soul. A sense of such anticipation that it was hard for me to write fast enough to catch all the words. I share with you now what He shared with me, as I know it will do His will to those who read it.

“Has it been so long ago that you were enveloped by God’s Grace that you have forgotten the Joy I bring? Your first love brings excitement, joy, anticipation, and expectation. 

Where are you? My Church.

I call. I wait. My Joy is new every morning if you would only seek Me! You will know Me!

Love. Peace. Joy. Patience. Long-suffering.

You will feel my presence when YOU seek Me. 

I call who I call and will always be there, but those who want an intimate relationship will make time for Me.


I call you to worship in a way that is not civilized. It is the Joy of God Almighty that fills you as you worship. And I can do great and mighty works in a joyous atmosphere filled with MY GLORY!


Wishing you and yours a most glorious Christmas Season and a blessed New Year. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for 2020!

Blessings and honor,

Angela Errett


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