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Listen For That Still Small Voice

This particular writing has been long and laborious for me. The weight of its content is not lost on me, and it has been a work-in-progress over the last few months. I share the words given to me. I also share scriptures that came before, during, and after the writing of this study from February until May 2020. My only prayer is that those who need to read it will and that the Lord is given the glory for it. Amen

The word of the Lord May 5th, 2020

“You, the Church, have forgotten the prophets. You have placed them under the table where their light, which comes as the testimony of Jesus, has been hidden out of fear. Out of fear of what you may have to do differently. Out of fear that maybe you have not done all that you can do by knowledge alone. And you would be right! My Word is everlasting, but My Word is ever new! My prophets shall now arise and lead the Bride to the final destination. My Word shall flow free to the ones chosen before time to carry it in their hearts and reveal it at My command. Choose to listen to them, and you will succeed in your mission but hold fast to the traditions of men, and you WILL lose it all. Develop in you a reverence for My Word given as I choose to give it. I do the new thing foretold by many across this land, and I will come upon all those who believe I AM. Some have chosen the rocky path out of obedience to doctrine I did not create. It was created by man to control when My Word only brings freedom. Take heed to what I say through My prophets. My correction is necessary and will produce in you the fruit you have been longing for, and have never found by man’s knowledge alone. I only speak the truth for I am Truth, and My Words never fail! You choose to see Me as man has told you to see Me, but you will soon see My true Glory upon the earth, and it will be the Glory of the Father manifested in the land of the living. I tell you this, I will not come unto you till My hour of revelation. May God have mercy on those who will not heed the call to seek Me with their whole heart. The dirt must separate from the clay before the final press. You choose not the hour of your deliverance, it has been set from the beginning of time, yet you place more importance upon the things of this world than over your own salvation. Release unto Me your thoughts of fear and doubt in what I say. For I only speak Truth and that Truth shall never pass from My mouth to My prophets without it already having the ability to come to pass. Look to the prophets with fruit. They must show fruits of righteousness in their lives, and they must put Me before self. They must go beyond what man decrees, with a faith that is uncompromising in My ability. You must see My work in their hands. Do not believe all who come in My name now–for I only come into this world to the ones who have been broken for My sake. I cannot enter those who choose to save themselves instead of being broken on My account. With each shattering, I rebuild My Church to its fullness. I choose whom I will and those whom the Father has given to Me and are ready to move with My authority into a place this world has never seen nor ever will again. They will prophesy, and it will be done by My Father. They will heal in My name. They will give restitution to the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. Do not discount those found worthy of My testimony, for they will bring the fullness upon you, and their lights will no longer be a shadow below the table but a light for all to see in this world. Hear Me now and say to your brother, “He comes, are you prepared?” Regain the oil stolen and prepare yourselves for the wedding. The Bride knows I am coming. Yet I tarry just a little while as you soak in the oil and remove the smell of the field in preparation for the feast of the Bridegroom.”


The gate called Beautiful in the Bible illustrates a time when heaven and earth collide. It is a fullness of time decreed by God. The word beautiful in Greek is horaios and means belonging to the right hour or season, timely. And it is used twice in the New Testament. (Acts 3:2, 3:10) I have found no conclusive accounts of which gate it was at the temple in Jerusalem at the time of this writing. However, I do know that Peter (rock or foundation) and John (Jehovah is a gracious giver) were present at the ninth hour–which is our 3:00 pm–on assignment. It was a fixed time of prayer for the temple, or you could say ‘time set apart’ to offer worship to God.

Daily, someone carried and placed the man, who was lame since his birth, at the gate to ask for alms. (Acts 3) On this particular day, heaven and earth collided through the power given by God through the shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ. Peter and John, who was also called the one whom Jesus loved, lived righteous lives, were mature in the teachings given by Jesus, were diligent, and were obedient. They set aside time to worship God, and in so doing, their level of maturity and obedience made them available to do the work of God here on earth, and they expected heaven’s results. They gave their time, or better yet, sacrificed their time and offered it up to the Lord, and He used them mightily. They remained under the authority of God, saw themselves as His sons, yet maintained humility, knowing God did all the work through Christ.

Now, on a particular day at the Beautiful Gate, Peter and John were able to discern the time of healing, but the people at the temple were not. They were showing up each day out of routine, or tradition, but His presence was not entering their body–His temple–and they were unable to receive the Spirit of Truth. Peter rebuked them because they were in ignorance and believed not all the prophets who spoke that Christ would come to suffer and fulfill the testimony of Jesus Christ. The Truth revealed itself to the people through Peter and John on that day. It was the first miracle performed after Pentecost and was the first public testimony of Jesus Christ through his prophets in the New Testament after His death, burial, and resurrection.

See Acts 3:18-21


The book of Job is considered the oldest book of the Bible. Its insights are vast and daunting. It is with that knowledge in mind that I will start with chapter 40. Job (hated, to be hostile to, enemy) humbles himself before God after he wrangled (complained, debated, rebuked) with Him. God asks Job if he is in a position to instruct the Almighty, the most powerful, El Shaddai? Job decides to leave his own foolishness after speaking against God and to not speak further. (Job 40:1-5) He left his foolish thoughts that he placed above the Almighty and humbled himself to God. The Lord (Jehovah, the one true God) pays attention to what Job did and responds to him out of the whirlwind (the storm, rage). See Job 40:6 below.

Then answered the Lord unto Job out of the whirlwind and said,

The word unto in the sentence above seems kind of insignificant here if you are just reading along. However, it is very significant. It is not translated to English but comes from the Hebrew root word owth (Strong’s H0226), which can mean: a sign, signal, distinguishing mark, banner, omen, warning. It also means a token, a standard, a miracle, warning, evidence, appearing, a beacon. The take away here is that God has all authority and that this was a sign, a beacon if you will, for Job to see his place in all the chaos of the moment.

God then tells Job in verse seven to “Gird up thy loins now like a man.” This literally means to equip yourself, encompass yourself with strength for war now, as a strong man, or a fearless warrior, mighty and powerful, with the ability to fight.

God continues in verse seven, “I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me,” in other words, God will require this of you Job, that you prepare yourself by learning His ways and He will make Himself known and instruct on who He is, as He had in the previous chapters. However, even during the storm, the rage, the whirlwind, Job remained faithful to God. He repented of his folly later in Job 42:1-6 and was unwilling to curse God.

Job spoke about what was right and acknowledged God and His authority over all, and God forgave him. Now, Job’s friends did not because they failed to speak in the direction of God, proving by the fruit of their mouths they were not close to Him and were not firmly established, or prepared for a blessing. They heard but did not receive it. God turned back the captivity of Job and gave him twice as much as he had before the trials only after he prayed and interceded for his friends.

Could The judgment of God come through Satan upon those who place themselves above God?

Satan is the king of those who would come against God and His divine order

I submit that Satan was Lucifer’s potential and the bearer of God’s righteous judgment. He went from Lucifer (light-bearer, morning star, shining one) to the deliverer of judgment, Satan, (opponent, attacker, superhuman adversary) when he was cast out of heaven. He raised himself above God’s plan in Heaven–Isaiah 14:12. God will reduce anyone and anything that proclaims otherwise, and make them bow down before Him. How art thou fallen from heaven, Lucifer! Satan now comes to the Children of God carrying gifts (freebies, handouts, goody bags) directly in contrast with the Word of God. Nothing is free in life! God shows us that He paid for everything through the blood of Jesus Christ, but we must remain in His plan to receive it freely. That means we are to stop being timid, untested Christians, and mature and gird up our loins to be equipped by the power of the Holy Spirit to complete His plan. Any other road will lead you to the glamour, the fantasy, the gifts of Satan that say, “Come do it my way. Cheat a little hear, and I’ll get it to you without effort,” yet that is NOT God’s plan.

God’s justice is served through Satan, the king over all the children of pride. To help understand this principle, we must look back to Job chapter 1. One keyword in the passage below completely changes the way we usually read it.

Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them. Job 1:6

Job 1:6

I thought this passage meant that the sons went and stood before God, but it does not. The word before here is the Hebrew word al and can mean above, height, on high, or over. And what is the root word of al? It is alah, which can mean be high, go up, ascend. (Strong’s H5927) There was a season where the sons of God placed themselves above Him and His justice, and Satan was there waiting, roaming around and saw it, so he went among them to bring the judgment of God.

You can attract God’s blessings, or you can catch the eye of Satan and bring judgment upon your house by being arrogant and placing idols above the Lord without repentance. For one to repent beyond question, a sacrifice must be made, and blood must be spilled. Sins were covered in the Old Testament through this process. Animal sacrifice was offered up to the Lord to cover sins. Job did that each morning for his children.

This principle is still in effect because God’s Word is forever. However, The Good News is just this, God gave us salvation and mercy through His Son Jesus Christ so that we may escape the judgment placed on Man through Adam’s sin on the great and terrible day of the Lord. The heart of a man must turn away from the evil, the vice, the sin, everything that takes the place of God and follow the path the Lord made for him, or face His justice. When we seek the Kingdom, a personal relationship with Christ, we are brought into the fold of heaven. God’s mercy is bestowed upon those who drink His cup. If you choose to believe in Jesus, who is our intercessor pleading His blood for the payment of sin in the courts of heaven, the Father will send the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to lead and guide you into all Truth. (See book of Joel, John 16:13)

Feature image: | Unless otherwise attributed, scripture quotations are taken from the KING JAMES VERSION of the Bible.

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