The Door

by Angela Errett | What is a door? Anyone reading this knows that a door is a passageway from one space into another. It is a doorway, a gate, you must go through to get from one room to another or from the “outdoors” into the “indoors.” Everywhere you look, there are doors; front doors, back doors, side doors, attic doors. A door on your car. A door on the bus. A door on every building you pass on the street. 

Paschal Lamb of Easter

by Angela Errett | Have you ever heard of the Paschal lamb? In the Jewish religion, the Paschal lamb, also called the Passover lamb, is ritually sacrificed in observance of Jewish law on the evening of the Passover. The Jews were instructed by God to sacrifice an unblemished lamb and place its blood on the doorposts so the striking of the Lord would “passover”…

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