Parsons Pregnancy Center Receives Ultrasound Donation

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After a chance meeting during a Rally For Life event in Charleston, WV, Barbara Kincaid, Director of the Central West Virginia Center for Pregnancy Care (CWVCPC), and Father William Kuchinsky struck up a conversation. Father Kuchinsky asked director Kincaid if she had an ultrasound machine to assist with their mission at any of their locations. She regretfully replied, no, but we would love to have one. For years, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Buckhannon has assisted with doing ultrasounds, but to have an additional option for the nine counties they serve, Barbour, Braxton, Gilmer, Lewis, Pendleton, Randolph, Tucker, Upshur, and Webster, would be a tremendous help. 

“It’s tough sometimes to get the girls who are abortion-minded to come all the way over to Buckhannon,” director Kincaid stated.

“Father Kuchinsky told me he would like to work on getting one,” director Kincaid said, “and he suggested I contact the nonprofit organization Bakhita Kids. Once I connected to Barbara Froio, Founder, and President, it was on! Whatever we needed, she wanted to help.”

“She contacted the Knights of Columbus, and we began to work with the Knights of Columbus Council in Thomas, WV, and the Knights of Columbus in VA, who helped raise the funds needed. And through that chance meeting, we got the gift of an ultrasound machine. It was installed in January of this year.”

“We hope to finish the certification as soon as possible, and it is awesome knowing we now have a machine in the northern part of the state.”

Barbara Kincaid, CWVCPC Director

The ultrasound is attached to a monitor and TV so the expectant mothers can not only confirm they are pregnant, but can hear the baby’s heartbeat and view their unborn child during the visit.  

“Heartbeat International is doing the training all online because of COVID restrictions,” Kincaid explained.

“We have two people working on getting certified. And we currently have 26 pregnant mothers in the Buckhannon area alone. We hope to finish the certification as soon as possible, and it is awesome knowing we now have a machine in the northern part of the state.”

Richard Waxham from Diagnostic Health Group, LLC delivered and setup the ultrasound machine at the Parson location. | © 2021 Barbara Kincaid, used with permission.

This ultrasound machine will be located at the CWVCPC satellite office in Parsons. The new center is located at 3071 Appalachian Hwy, Harman, WV, and can be reached directly by phone at 304-227-3614. They are open on Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.

For more information on the services provided by the CWVCPC, you can reach them at 1-877-472-1122 or go online at You can find more information on the Bakhita Kids organization at

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