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When working on what to write about for this issue, nothing was happening and it was past my deadline–but God!

As I sat watching TV, I was overcome with a need to write. I grabbed my notepad, which I try to keep close by at all times, and began to write what was coming to me. The words are not my own and are meant for me, as well as the reader, to process, understand and implement the knowledge from them. They are also intended to reflect on what is occurring in the worldly culture at present. Each of us will interpret these words in a way that will help to bring knowledge to our situations and therefore be able to operate on a higher level in learning what God has planned for each of us before we were born. His plan is for us to be prosperous, healthy, whole, and able to overcome each and every weapon formed against us. I get the sense He wants everyone to understand that you are a product of the system you embrace. If you seek to understand His system, the system of the Kingdom, you will forever change the way you look at the world with your natural eyes and train yourself to look at the world through what you hear in His Word. Faith never came to anyone in the Bible from looking at their past or their present circumstances. Faith comes by hearing. Faith is invisible and can only be envisioned on the inside in your mind’s eye. God’s system is established and that is the only way to have Kingdom Faith!

Please read with the knowledge that I say these things out of a place of love because that is where they originate. It is hard to self-reflect and understand why you believe what you believe. Only through quiet time, away from the hustle and bustle of the world can it be done. I genuinely believe that is why I love West Virginia so much, and that I am blessed that God saw fit for me to live in one of the most beautiful and majestic places on earth! Life is old here, more than we know. However, I feel led to write that soon, and very soon, we will all know how old! Blessings be upon the readers of the words given and may they reach that place in your souls that allows understanding, not offense.

March 17, 2019

His power comes through our weakness.
His power is delivered to us through others.

We must have others around us that are good at what we are not good at so that God’s strength can reach us. He started with Adam. It was not good that he was alone! His talent caused a weakness, so God brought the woman to make him more powerful.

Most have to have an event, job, and such, that forces them to even get up in the morning; a purpose; a reason to exist. Most only know to get up and go to a job that forces people to do something so they can exist in some normalcy. Human nature must have a “why.” God should be the “why,” but we have lost our first love in most cases and have decided our man-made idols–home, car, jobs, sports, other gods–have become our “why” we exist. God says to seek His Kingdom, and our needs will be met. Most believe they must meet their needs. That is backwards to God’s Word! We are to follow God and “all those things” will be added! How? How can that work? By solving and putting into action the vision and thoughts, God gives us to work out here on earth for Him. We are teaching society to be educated in what the world system wants, more workers for the government systems, when we should as the Church, be teaching how to gain knowledge of the Kingdom and manifest the miracles He has placed in each of us. Every person has a gift, and that gifting should be encouraged, developed, celebrated, and allowed to fail as to gain knowledge.

Humans learn by failure, not by memorizing names and dates. We are told in the Bible to divide the Word properly, not to take scripture out of context. That means looking at all angles of the text–weather, the mood, the culture, the relationships–a full picture to rightly divide the Word. School systems are geared to only train up more workers for the government systems. Few break the cycle of learning a skill that they have no desire or gifting for. They feel frustrated and rely solely on their “book knowledge” to solve problems. What kind of world would it be if more people sought their gifting and pursued it, not what the world system says they should be?

The events and situations that continually bring forth a wave of righteous anger may be a clue to your gifting. The area you feel the most anxiety and fear over may be the door prepared for you to go through, with faith to overcome, and could be your destiny purposed by God.

Be a system breaker and a system beginner.
Break out of the world system and bring the Kingdom to the Earth!

Everywhere you look there is structure, and there are systems. Each thing must reside in the God-given structure it is placed in–fish in water, humans in a body, oceans from the land–humans, however, have creative power given by the Father to allow them to change the system they occupy, grace by grace, step by step, by seeking His Kingdom! The Kingdom enables the system of Heaven to rule your life here as in Heaven!

We have been pulled into a system that continually takes to survive; the Kingdom constantly gives so we may live and have life everlasting!

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