All Honor Is His

All Honor is His; Empty bench in the snow
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Those who regularly read Glory Magazine know that each issue is unique. No one confers with the other, solely relying on the Spirit to lead and guide us to what He would have us say. There are no hidden agendas. There are no workings behind the scenes to promote or market any specific issue. We each work separately with our Teacher, the Holy Spirit, allowing the information to flow from our minds to help renew us in the Word. And in doing so, relaying what He would have us write down and share with others to the best of our abilities. All honor is His.

He is the author, and we strive to not write in vain but discuss, inform, connect, and build upon His established foundation so that the Kingdom of God flows in black and white on the pages. All honor is His.

We take no credit, nor do we seek it. It is an honor, and privilege, to regularly speak to the Maker of all things and help in some small way to prepare the way for His soon and imminent return. All honor is His.

This Christmas issue is noteworthy. Though we are separate in our minds, writing styles, and locations, the Lord connects ideas. He is the Master of the Orchestra playing His song. It is played for all to hear if they have an ear for the Spirit of all Truth. All honor is His.

Repent. Come to a place of joy and liberty that only the Word of God can provide and return to the First Love given to the world. All honor is His.

As we celebrate the birth of Christ, Pure Love, which overcame the sin of the flesh, let us turn away from the idols, the noise, and the wicked plans of the world and embrace the One, the ONLY ONE, who is our champion and freed us from the bondage of death, hell, and the grave. Our Lord of lords, our King of kings, Jesus Christ, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. He who was has never left. He searches for those who raise His name above all others. He resides in His new temple, built by David upon the earth. All honor is His.

No man has seen God, yet He is closer to us than a friend. May this picture, taken by Al Tucker, remind us that an empty bench is filled with Life, just like the babe in swaddling clothes and the empty tomb. We will see what we choose to have faith in and what we choose to believe! All honor is His!

Hoping this Christmas will be the most memorable one yet, knowing all have heard of the Messiah, Emmanuel with us. Peace be with you all.

Blessings and honor,
Angela Errett

A special Thank You to Al Tucker for all of his wonderful photos used in the Dec-Jan 2022-23 issue.

Feature Image: Cabin in Jackson’s Mill Historic Area, Lewis County, WV © Al Tucker

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