faith in Christ
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Even in bleak times, there is hope, and hope comes through faith in the promises of God. God gave His only Son so we could receive it and walk in abundance through our journey. However, if we never flex a muscle, it becomes lame. Faith is a muscle that gains its strength through a relationship with Jesus. Each time we believe what the Word says over what the world says, we flex our “faith muscle.” And God will only meet you at your level of faith in His abilities. 

In the Old Testament, Noah had big faith. He heard a word from the Lord, believed Him, and prepared for the coming storm. The Lord told him a flood would come to wipe out the world, and only his family and the chosen animals would remain. Noah’s hope was in the Lord to save him. Abraham, the father of our faith, had big faith. He chose to believe God’s Word that he would be the father of many nations, that God would make him very fruitful, and that kings would come from him, even though he had no children at the time. That faith gave him hope of a promised land and descendants as numerous as the stars. David had big faith. As a young boy, he believed God was with him, even before the prophet Samuel anointed him to replace Saul as king over Israel. He gave God all the glory for killing the lion and the bear before being courageous in taking down Goliath. Why? Because he knew God was with him both times. 

In the New Testament, faith is taken to a higher level. God chose to place His Son in the middle of the darkness, in a chaotic state ruled by the Romans, to fulfill His will. From Malachi (the last book of the OT) to the Gospel of Matthew (the first book of the NT) was 400 years. Over those 400 years, hope was deferred, the law being perfect, yet no man was able to perform it perfectly. But God! Hope came down, and those who chose to accept the Devine offering of Jesus Christ not only got to see His works when He was present on the earth, but now, as we live with the knowledge He left us in His Word, and through the Holy Spirit, we can have faith in all that He accomplished from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. 

The coming final act is Christ’s triumphant return to claim His Bride and reign over the earth for a thousand years. 

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!

Blessings and honor,

Angela Errett

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