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Many years ago, I had an incredibly vivid dream. I was at home in the West Virginia mountains in this dream, and it was very dark. Anyone who lives in remote areas knows how dark the nights can get, far away from city lights. Back then, it seemed the nights were even darker than they are now, and that was reminiscent as I was in my dream state. There was knowledge of satellites moving across the sky at night and shooting stars, but the night sky was pretty consistent as the world swirled past each of the orbs. Drones were not even available to the public, let alone something I had heard of when my dream occurred.

I would go outside and lay on the ground looking up at all the stars and planets when I was younger. I can remember being intrigued with outer space at an early age, even doing a cardboard and Styrofoam science fair project displaying how small the earth was compared to the vastness of space. I remember how exciting it was to watch the Space Shuttle missions and was devastated when the 1986 Challenger mission exploded as I sat watching it unfold on television. Even today, if you ask my family, they will tell you I have to watch the movie Contact at least once a year, and I am always the one buying or watching the latest space movies.

As a child, I learned how to spot the most easily seen stars and planets, such as Orion, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Venus, and Vega. On really clear nights, you could see the glow of the Milky Way positioned behind the mountain tops. It was a glorious sight to behold, and I still enjoy taking in a few views on visits back home.

As I lay on my back looking up at the stars in the dream, they began to move. At first, I guessed it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. Then, they moved again. This time I was thinking it was a rare siting of a satellite moving to a new position. The third time they moved, I was positive something else was occurring. Suddenly, the lights in the sky (by this time, I knew they were not stars) began to change colors and form patterns. It was similar to the 1980s arcade games like Galaga or Galaxian. Each color took its place, then they moved as one across the sky. I rose up and went down to the front of the house, still mesmerized by the light show. The yard was even reflecting the green, blue, and red hues from above. I thought it was amazing since they were so high up in the air. Then, the lights became more sophisticated. The lights weren’t blocky anymore but smooth and precise. They were grouping together and flying across the sky and would disappear on the other side of the mountaintops.

The groups became more agitated, and the lights began to move in one direction and in opposite directions, forming patterns. Next, they began to speed up and engage each other in a warlike fashion. Beams of purple-white light shot out of the front of the groupings toward each other and back and forth.

At this point in the dream, great fear overcame me, and I fell to the ground. Back and forth, the lights whizzed across the atmosphere as the sounds of rushing wind were delayed before the explosion hit the opposing group. Chaos was unleashed over my head, and I had no way of making it stop.

As the sounds of war rang out, my family rushed outside, and we grouped together in the front yard. My stepdad stood armed in front of us all to protect us….then I woke up. I have only shared this dream with a few people, and I share it now as a warning.

In 2014, the indie band OK Go was made famous by releasing their music video for “I Won’t Let You Down,” shot entirely by a drone in one take. When I saw it, this dream played in my mind, yet I did not understand. I knew what I had seen in my dream was related to it, and my thought was this, “The coordination is still on the ground, not in the air.” If you watch the video you will understand, because the drones only film the actions of those on the ground.

What else was occurring in 2014, you may ask? The Four Blood Moons! I would suggest that you rent or buy it if you have never watched the movie by Pastor John Hagee.

Link to a CBN News January 2014 edition of The Watchman where host Erick Stakelbeck interviews Pastor Hagee can be watched here:

It was the most prominent billboard ever made, sent by God, to forewarn His people about what was to come. Many called it “a natural event” and that it meant nothing. Those of us tasked with paying attention to what the Spirit is doing, we knew to be vigilant and wait on the Lord. The world did not see the wisdom in it only because they do not fear the God who created them. Their eyes are blind to it yet, one by one, events continue to follow the prophets and the predictions in the Bible.

Fast forward now to the next event associated with my dream. It was February 6, 2017, the opening of, what I will call, the final game of the football season that has a big half-time show. Lady Gaga was the featured “star.” What shows up behind her as she sings a “God Bless America/This Land Is Your Land” mashup on top of the stadium? Drones. Drones forming patterns of light in the air. Now, after watching the intro, I sense in my spirit the fight has risen to the air, and the world is none the wiser.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) came into their own during the First World War and have been recipients of all the computer technology advancements over the last 100 years. Their current state of operations takes full advantage of the ‘passive’ warfare they can create. Since then, drone technology has integrated with AI to fabricate deadly weapons that can be wielded by the spirit in which they are designed, to do either good or bad, depending on who, or better yet, which spirit, has control over them.

The choice of songs to start out the show was very clever too. Woody Guthrie is said to have written the tune “This Land Is Your Land” as a rebuke to Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America.” It is even said that Guthrie’s original name for the song was “God Blessed America for Me.” Do you see the dichotomy here. It was seen all over the world, with 100.7 million viewers on TV and across all platforms. Who were the powers-that-be speaking to? The God of the Bible or the god of this world?

We each get to decide for ourselves whom we serve. God says, through the prophet Joshua, “And if it seems evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” It does not say wait until you feel like choosing. It does not tell you to wait until tomorrow or next week; it says choose you THIS DAY! God is watching every day. He sees all those who get back up, again, and again, and again, choosing to serve Him whether they have messed up royally or not. He sees the choice each person makes in their heart EVERY DAY and provides the mercy necessary to make it through the day, one more time, in His service.

Instinctively, most people realize we are not in the same season we were during 2014 or 2017. Evil’s “all systems go” has been implemented, and God wanted to make sure His people realized it with these “signs” from the heavens.

I want to mention a couple of other messages that are associated with this perspective. On November 11, 2019, I wrote down the words I was given and posted them in the December-January 2019-202 Issue of Glory Magazine article “Joy To The World.” (You can read the full article here:

Has it been so long ago that you were enveloped by God’s Grace that you have forgotten the Joy I bring? Your first love brings excitement, joy, anticipation, and expectation.
Where are you? My Church.
I call. I wait. My Joy is new every morning if you would only seek Me! You will know Me!
Love. Peace. Joy. Patience. Long-suffering.
You will feel my presence when YOU seek Me.

I call who I call and will always be there, but those who want an intimate relationship will make time for Me.
I call you to worship in a way that is not civilized. It is the Joy of God Almighty that fills you as you worship. And I can do great and mighty works in a joyous atmosphere filled with MY GLORY!

You may also want to read this Editor’s Letter: It’s A New World posted on July 2, 2020.
Full article link here:

Here are the words the Lord gave me on June 26, 2020. May they bring you hope and comfort in His ability to bring you to an unwavering faith in Him. Amen.

“I hold the keys,” thus saith the Lord.

“Keys that unlock all the nations from their slumber. Their reign on earth is completed and I now place My children in strategic places across the globe. You are in the palm of My hand. Do not fear these things I said would happen. They must all come to pass. Bring with you a contrite heart looking at Me, focusing on Me, not the world. They cannot see Me yet I bring them out for all to see. I paraded their father before the council of Heaven and made a spectacle of him, shall I not do the same for his children? Does justice not come by My hand? Only I can bring true justice to the land–the land of My Kingdom. I wait for the last trumpet sound. Be on guard. Shake fear from your midst for it is not where I am. I am on the other side of your faith. Do not doubt My faithfulness at this time. Only a little while shall I tarry before I bring My full glory home. Fight hard to keep an atmosphere of My love around you. One of My words. One where I am glorified. One where I am worshiped. For those who worship Me shall see MY GLORY.

“The world will see My justice, played out before their eyes. But those who have a vision of only Me and know My word will be made whole! You will see what life in Heaven is, no sickness no pain. See Me clearly as I reign over these events to place my Bow in the sky for all to see. My creation shall never be moved from Me and the transgressions of man will never rule my Kingdom.

“Go forth in love of Me not Mammon, and do not serve Baal, for those who do will see the righteous anger of the Lord. Selah.”

I will be sharing in future writings as the Lord leads, and the following post to be uploaded next is called “WARNING: Beasts of the Field.”

All the signs are pointing towards the last seconds, of the last hour, of the Last Days. Seek God’s face and have faith in His Word. Amen

Scripture verses from the King James Version of the Bible. Public Domain.

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