The Narrow Way

by Angela Errett | What will the world look like when God is no longer present? When His hand of mercy is removed for the judgment of the wicked? I do not think even the godless people of the world can fathom the amount of darkness that will prevail when that time comes. Hollywood pumps out scenarios with black-hearted agendas and manifestos, yet, we have never lived in a time when some form of God’s grace was not present. 

Continued Prayers Requested for Nazarene Fund Efforts

Nazarene Fund Update | Last Friday, on August 20, 2021, the Mercury One Nazarene Fund raised over $20 million, and today that number is just shy of $30 million. Founder Glenn Beck has stated many times over the last few days that “That money is sacred.” He vowed to use every penny raised to help evacuate people out of harm’s way in Afghanistan…

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